Groundwork: sequencing & improvisation

Groundwork: sequencing & improvisation

Whilst, as with other areas of ‘Floor-communication’ practice, the quality of individual patterns and connected integrations can continually be developed in the practice of extended sequences and even during improvised contexts, in an ideal scenario this requirement should be MINIMAL. Rather, the majority focus of practice should be given to the transitions BETWEEN the patterns, in noticing how they connect seamlessly with one another, and in better cultivating “movement sense” with regards to trajectories of motion and pattern choice.

In this collection of ‘sequencing & improvisation’, then, it is more the case that any lack in quality execution of a particular form or transition is revealed, whereby the practitioner should reflect if it is necessary to return to more “isolated” work with the specific pattern before then plugging this “polished” piece back into the whole.

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Groundwork: sequencing & improvisation
  • Role -> 'Scorpion' -> 'Undercut' -> 'Box-turn'

    A quadrupedal-to-floor-entrance-&-back-again locomotion sequence. It brings together the 'half-Role to Scorpion-tail' integration leading directly into the 'Undercut' transition to enter the floor, then exiting through the 'Box-turn' pattern leading seamlessly into the fundamental 'Role...

  • Role to box-turn, NLS & return / 'CCS'

    A fundamental Role integration including the 'Negativa leg-switch' (NLS) and 'Box-turn'. Whilst the former addition of the ‘NLS’ functions as a convenient direction-changing pattern – the returning ends to a linear sequence – the latter addition, the familiar ‘Box-turn’ injects a spiral...

  • AUC -> HBR -> QDR RPU/circles

    7 progressive examples for integration of 'AU cortado' (AUC), 'High-bridge rotation' (HBR), and 'QDR rotational pushup-up (QDR RPU) or 'QDR circles'. Note that each "progression" is NOT etched in stone - depending on your experience, you may find yourself between a MIXTURE of progressio...

  • AUC -> HBR -> QDR RPU/circles (with Role)

    7 progression for extending this fundamental integration between 'AU cortado' (AUC), 'High-bridge rotation' (HBR), and 'QDR rotational pushup-up (QDR RPU) or 'QDR circles', with the incorporation of the 'Role'. Also featuring a double Role in later sequences to help create & carry momen...

  • AUC -> HBR -> LBR -> QDR RPU/circles

    6 progressive examples for integration of 'AU cortado' (AUC), 'High-bridge rotation' (HBR), 'Low-bridge rotation' (LBR), and 'QDR rotational pushup-up (QDR RPU) or 'QDR circles', also integrating the ROLE as a transitional tool.

    Note that each "progression" is NOT etched in stone - dep...

  • Sissy FEN/FEX sequence examples (w/ 'Corta-capim')

    The 'Sissy squat' now serves us as a fundamental bipedal floor-entrance pattern, blending "touchdown" seamlessly into the Role, and from there the potential to transition into a plethora of floor-communication patterns.

    Here, momentum is expressed in (and generated through) integration...

  • Quadrupedal "Driving the car" (series one)

    Now that you have developed some fundamental quadrupedal patterns, it's time to start "driving the car" (a term taken from Ido Portal). The key rules here: DO NOT STOP MOVING - think "on the move" - and use ONLY the patterns outlined.

    This more "open" context allows you to start ...