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Rings 'roll-out'

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From knee-raise to knee-to-bar

SAS pull (horizontal) • 3m 24s

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  • Rings 'roll-out'

    A simple & convenient global-stability drill performed with the gymnastics rings. Its optimal execution relies on an EMBODIED understanding of the "hollow-body" form, namely sustaining a strong 'neutral' spine-position through conscious posterior pelvic-tilt ('PPT') & supported by activ...

  • Floor rings 'Inverted-hang' (IH)

    The 'Inverted-hang' (IH) is perhaps the most fundamental form to learn as a "true-beginner" on the gymnastics rings, regardless of age or capacity. If you leave your rings hanging in a park, a child, or group of kids, will inevitably surround them and begin playing.

    If you observe, the...

  • Fundamental front-lever (FL) variations

    As a straight-arm strength (SAS) form, the 'Front-lever' (FL) develops the capacity to withstand isometrically & "pull" one’s bodyweight in & out of a position of hanging shoulder-flexion, i.e. with the straight-arms in FRONT of the medial-line of the body.

    Whilst this has application ...