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Supported Handstand Exploration

Handstand supported-alignment • 3m 7s

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  • Back-to-wall handstand line

    The back-to-wall handstand line should be considered an ACCESSORY variation to it's wall-facing counterpart, which is more effective at both reveling and developing breakdowns in optimal straight-line alignment.

    Whilst it can be a valuable tool for developing fundamental strength & con...

  • Wall-facing tuck-handstand

    The wall-facing tuck-handstand can play a double role in practice. Firstly, in the context of HANDSTAND practice, it can be used to explore to pattern the structure & form of the tuck HS, build proprioception of the legs & accustom to the stresses particular to the form.

    Secondly, wall...

  • Back-to-wall Tuck HS hold & 'toe-pull'

    A back-to-wall support tool for developing conditioning & balance in the tuck-handstand position. Seen firstly is the HOLD which should be primarily used used for developing conditioning (i.e. sustaining the form with a maximal PUSH throughout).

    Stick with holding ONLY unti...