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Basic wrist-mobilization 3.0 (with isometrics)

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Basic Wrist & Finger Mobilization 1.0

RE-/PREHAB: Fingers, wrists. forearms & elbows • 3m 19s

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  • Basic wrist-mobilization 3.0 (with is...

    A basic, yet comprehensive, wrist-mobilization routine working with rotations & 'pulsing' in a variety of angles/positions for fundamental prehabilitation and/or to prepare the wrists for hand-loaded practices.

    An 'isometrics' variation is also provided toward the management of tendino...

  • 5-min wrist mobilization, strength & ...

    A comprehensive wrist strength & mobility routine consisting of 10 hand-positions, effective for up toward DAILY ‘prehab & prep’ of the wrists & fingers.

    All exercises should be performed with a CONTROLLED execution (the resource execution has been increased to 2x speed for demonstrati...

  • 5 minutes wrist & finger-prehab

    Once a foundation of more linear wrist & finger strength has been built through some time spent with fundamental mobilisation & strength/mobility-development routines, it is valuable to begin increasing exposure to a wider range of stresses. This is done here by increasing angles of exe...