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Foot-assisted 'Active-arch' & 'Lever-retractions'

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Fundamental hanging contexts

SASS pull (vertical & horizontal) • 4m 21s

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  • Foot-assisted 'Active-arch' & 'Lever-...

    Practice of these foot-assisted 'Active-arch' contexts is valuable to practitioners who have difficulty in pulling the shoulder-blades together (i.e. maximal scapular-retraction) in bodyweight-loaded contexts.

    As with the foundation 'Ring-row' when executed with retracted, isomet...

  • Hanging scapular circles & sequence

    THE WHAT (circles):
    A loaded scapular mobilization contexts which coordinates active protraction, retraction, elevation & depression of the scapulae with global extension and flexion of the spine.

    As well as a context for "oiling" the scapulae (i.e. encouraging synovial fluid & blood-flow in th...

  • 'False-grip' (FG) Development

    'False-grip' (FG) development is oriented around two connected capacities: mobility, and strength development. This is because the 'FG' is mechanically at its strongest when a toward 90° angle of wrist-flexion is available when gripping the rings (i.e. it is maximally "closed"), but at ...