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Ankle-dorsiflexion development

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'Floor Culture' & the Home Office

Fundamental squat & hip-mobility development • 28m

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  • Ankle-dorsiflexion development

    Whist consistent practice of these two simple forms contributes toward developing range & elasticity in ankle-dorsiflexion, their form & position (i.e. 'hinged' in the hip), also affects the hamstrings of the 'working' leg. For this reason, they are equally valuable in developing FRONT-...

  • Kneeling hip-flexor release

    A supported contract/relax context for "releasing" available range in the hip-flexor-complex (i.e. maximally "opening" the hip). It's primary use-value is as a preparatory tool to establish what the nervous system will "allow" at that time, from which point more potent tools (namely tho...

  • Quadriceps & hip-flexor stretches

    Fundamental static stretches affecting the "hip-flexors" & quadriceps complex. Whist incomplete in themselves for developing sustainable and USABLE ranges in the long-term, their convenience allows them to be more easily cultivated into an habitual daily practice, one of the most powerf...