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Splits & straddle HS balance

Handstand balance contexts • 2m 49s

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  • Handstand leg-proprioception sequence A

    Whilst exploring different shapes and handstand forms helps to develop proprioception of the legs (i.e. where they are in space), their dynamic movement inevitably causes moderate to significant weight-shifting in inversion.

    The practice of continual re-/calibration of balance to...

  • Handstand straddle leg-extensions

    Once you have developed your fundamental straight-line handstand to consistent hold times of at least 30-seconds and have some experience holding handstand in a basic straddle form, (i.e. legs straight & apart), adding some movement of the legs will both require you to invite and ...

  • Handstand open/closed-shoulder reps

    Patterning the open-to-closed & closed-to-open-shoulder handstand forms with an eye toward its application in progressive handstand strength movements, such as the 'Press HS' and 'HS pushup'. In the press-handstand, it represents the final 'opening' of the shoulders after the press whic...