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AG Support to Manna Progression

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'Scapular-pushup' and 'Planche-lean'

SAS push (horizontal) • 1m 1s

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  • AG Support to Manna Progression

    Progressive tools for developing the strength of straight-arm PUSHING in shoulder extension. On the one side of the progressive scale we begin with the fundamental frame of 'AG Support', whilst on the other we look toward the 'Manna'.

    These tools are designed to attend to both the "clo...

  • Elevated to Floor Tuck-Planche progre...

    Beyond name & form, a 'tuck-planche' is ultimately the act of facing the floor and holding one's entire bodyweight in the hands whilst tucked into as small and tight a ball as possible. As such, it can be seen as a most truly fundamental form when it comes to bodyweight strength and man...

  • Parallettes 'Planche' & 'L-/V-sit'

    Developing these two fundamental SAS/S forms on the low-parallettes (or optionally high 'Parallel-bars') is essentially just a shift of modality from floor, to bar-support.

    Despite this apparently small difference, it can affect execution quite significantly depending on the individual...