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The 'Ostrich Walk'

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'Circle of the neck/shoulders'

BW 'front-folding'-range • 4m 51s

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  • The 'Ostrich Walk'

    A dynamic, ballistic locomotion pattern which develops the elasticity of the posterior-chain, further to range in front-folding & active compression (when executed with this intent, i.e. active PULLING of the top of the head toward the floor).

    Practitioners should be mindful - wh...

  • The Inch Worm

    A conditioning locomotion pattern innately developing the range of the ankles in dorsiflexion (this comes from the intention working through a maximal extension & flexion each step which both loads in a stretched position, as well as strengthens through the concentric range), front-fold...

  • The ‘AT-AT walker’

    A "high-gait" quadrupedal locomotion pattern inspired by the giant machine ‘AT-AT's’ of the Star Wars universe. Whilst restrictions in posterior-chain mobility can be the main challenge in adhering to the one and only rule in this context, keeping the backside as HIGH as possible throug...