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Seated pike to prone (& back)

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The Fundamental ’90-90’ (static patterns)

Floor-contact locomotion & transitions • 3m 26s

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  • Seated pike to prone (& back)

    A charming little context which "maps" both the anterior & posterior "circle of the hips", or, rather, the full-circle. It comes from the perspective of "circles of the body", by which we can use them, just like wheels, to move both in and through space.

    In oder to place it withi...

  • The 'Travelling A & B'

    The 'Travelling A & B' makes use of experience built with static '90-90' variations & transitions, connecting them in cyclical patterns to take the body locomoting through space in floor-contact. As such, they play between the worlds of seated (floor-contact) and kneeling, the lat...

  • Prone quadruped to lateral floor-roll

    A transitional pattern facilitating movement in and out of the floor from a quadruped position to floor-contact. The main work here is developing the structural awareness & patterning (notably the “folding” of the arm to bring the body closer to and enter the floor and coordination of t...