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The 'Harop Curl'

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'Proofing' of the Ankles & Knees

PRE-/REHAB: Feet, ankles, knees & hips • 5m 21s

Up Next in PRE-/REHAB: Feet, ankles, knees & hips

  • The 'Harop Curl'

    The 'Harop curl' is a posterior-chain strength & conditioning tool whose intensity can be easily manipulated by "mechanical advantage" (i.e. sequence of "hinging" in hips & knees).

    Due to positioning, the posterior-chain (namely hamstrings, glutes & lower-back) experiences an increasin...

  • Kneeling hip-flexor release

    A supported contract/relax context for "releasing" available range in the hip-flexor-complex (i.e. maximally "opening" the hip). It's primary use-value is as a preparatory tool to establish what the nervous system will "allow" at that time, from which point more potent tools (namely tho...

  • Standing active internal hip-rotation...

    A simple tool for strengthening internal hip rotation (IR) with isometric contractions, equally useful when the line for the toilet looks like it could extend beyond your natural capacities.

    In general this tool is simply practiced in an effort toward maintaining "structural-bala...