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False-grip (FG) ring-rows

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The fundamental 'Ring-row'

BAS pull (horizontal) • 2m 3s

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  • False-grip (FG) ring-rows

    A basic ring-row (HORIZONTAL pull) variation performed using a 'false-grip', for the purpose of its strength & conditioning either preparatory to, or in conjunction with, false-grip VERTICAL-pulling contexts.

    Note that a false-grip SHORTENS the distance required to pull the THUMBS-TO-C...

  • Ring-row variations (shoulder-stability)

    Shoulder & scapular-stability development drills using bodyweight and the convenience of the gymnastics rings, they are ultimately variations of the ‘Fundamental ring-row'. As such, global body alignment (essentially a straight-line from head to heels) is maintained in all drills.


  • Isolated ring-curls & extensions

    "Isolated" contexts, in that they move around a single hinge-joint (the elbow) with a bent-arm push or pull motion. Their practice is namely toward conditioning of the elbow-tendons (i.e. attachments of the biceps and triceps), meaning that it can also be used as part of a focused progr...