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Active/passive QL +' 90-90' stretch

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The Fundamental ’90-90’ (static patterns)

Fundamental squat & hip-mobility development • 3m 26s

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  • Active/passive QL +' 90-90' stretch

    An explorative and potentially therapeutic stretching context combining breathing, loading, and tension-modulation. As the inhale couples with an 'active' stretch to tighten the structure, the exhale relaxes 'passively' into any deeper range of frontal spinal-flexion "allowed" by the ne...

  • Cross-legged & active 'Pigeon-stretch'

    These ‘Cross-legged’ and ‘Active pigeon-stretch' variations offer specific mobility-development contexts in which to explore loading of the hip in an externally-rotated position. A forward “hinge” and “folding” the upper-body as far as possible over the legs then serves to LOAD th...

  • 90-90 end-range iso routine

    A unilateral routine focused on developing experience in the end-ranges of internal hip-rotation (IR). As well as an isometric contraction to enter & maintain active end-range IR, as the force of gravity is also working against the leg there is also a consistent intention for active COM...