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Rings ‘Knee-raise’ to ‘Toes to rings’

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From knee-raise to knee-to-bar

Spinal-stability & auxiliary "core" conditioning • 3m 24s

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  • Rings ‘Knee-raise’ to ‘Toes to rings’

    Linear progressions for developing strength, patterning, and familiarity with straight-arm pulling on the gymnastics rings, affecting both straight-arm scapular-strength (SASS) and straight-arm strength (SAS).

    Along with variations of ‘Knee-to-bar’, this conditioning context emph...

  • Loaded-carrying contexts

    Lifting a heavy load, and walking. Two fundamental facts of life which, at first glance, can seem of insufficient intensity to compare to the likes of a 'Back squat' or 'Deadlift' - but there is a reason why forms of loaded-carrying are a staple of all 'Strongman' events.

    The load can ...

  • The fundamental 'AG support'

    The 'AG ('Artistic gymnastics') support' position allows for the development of strength to PULL and support oneself in the ranges of shoulder-extension. This is as opposed to the more passive range which is develop in shoulder-extension contexts, such as the 'German hang' positio...