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Unilateral 'Trap-3 Raise' (scapular stability)

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Yuri's shoulder mobility-drill

RE-/PREHAB: Shoulders, scap & neck • 1m 14s

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  • Unilateral 'Trap-3 Raise' (scapular s...

    The unilateral 'trap-3' raise is an isolated movement performed for the sole purpose of identifying and facilitating a maximal contraction in the lower regions of scapular musculature for the purposes of bringing it back to the attention of your neuro-muscular map (i.e. being ...

  • The 'Trap Y-raise' (scapular stability)

    So named for the 'Y' shape made in the arms-extended raise position, the 'Trap Y-raise' is the bilateral brother to the 'Unilateral trap-3 raise'. Once familiarity with & muscular 'neural-drive' have been developed in the more isolated latter context, the former can be used effect...

  • Bilateral prone external rotation (ER)

    A convenient pre-/rehabilitation context for developing strength & range in frontal-plane external rotation (ER), and generally contributing toward improved shoulder-stability.

    It is a valuable context of practice either in addition to, or in place of, UNILATERAL variations which are g...