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Elevated plate pulsing

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Yuri's shoulder mobility-drill

Shoulder-mobility (range-development) • 1m 14s

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  • Elevated plate pulsing


    A loaded open-chain tool for developing mobility in the thoracic spine & 'open-shoulder' position. One thing which should be understood from the outset is that 'open-shoulder' refers a FORM (or, rather, and ANGLE under the armpit between your tor...

  • Floor 'Butcher's block'

    A fundamental & easily accessible context for development of the 'open-shoulder' position (facilitating overhead arm-flexion range) in a loaded, isometric context. As part of its form & execution, the 'hollow-body' position is also drilled & conditioned in a prone position, resist...

  • End-range shoulder-circles

    A highly accessible and multi-purpose context for shoulder prehabilitation (so shit doesn't happen), rehabilitation (when shit has happened), range-development, end-range stabilization, building "neural drive" in the scapular musculature (i.e. allowing for maximal contractions to put th...