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Lateral floor-roll variations 1: Hollow body

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'Circle of the neck/shoulders'

Floor-contact locomotion & transitions • 4m 51s

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  • Lateral floor-roll variations 1: Holl...

    Floor-contact lateral rolls generally carry the intention of “softening” and “melting” into the floor, an emphasis on the “ironing out” of “bumps” & “creases” toward an aesthetic of effortlessness, and are “driven” by the legs in their cyclical, piston-like pushing against the floor. Th...

  • Travelling ‘Helicopter-roll’

    The ‘Travelling helicopter-roll’ is a locomotive floor-contact pattern which essentially integrated the fundamental ‘Helicopter floor-entrance/exit’ pattern with the ‘Open-hip lateral floor-roll’. They are linked together in cyclical combination, the only addition being a “whip” of the ...

  • 'Pendulum roll' & 'Shoulder Role' pro...

    *Review webinar notes here:

    The ‘Pendulum roll’ (so named after the pendular action of the top, sweeping leg which is accompanied by the same action of the same-side arm) explores the potential to INVERT the body in floor-contac...